The Choir, here and there, old and new.
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Setting up in Tabgha


Warming up and Stretching

Ya'ela Soprano solo

Ir'a and Ya'ela


Maestro Ron Zarhi in rehearsal

The Old Synagogue in Firenze

Tabgha 2004

Palestrina Competition 2000

Ludwigsburg '89

Freudenthal '89

Eli Shleifer - Musica Sacra International 2004

Iris - Musica Sacra International 2004

"Where IS that Mozart statue?"

One of Old Salzburg's denizens

Tenores di Biti from Sardinia

Christ is King choir Kampala

The Finnish ensemble Rajaton (ry-a-ton)

A member of Charya Nritya-Dance Mandal

Charya Nritya-Dance Mandal